1. Fly Free

From the recording Slow Burn

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In the beginning there was a bad vibe
Mankind was spoken as a diatribe
It gets worse It's like a curse
Like a percentage of the national purse
We get collected like statuettes
While they place their bets
We run around like we got Tourettes
It's a police state this shit is crazy
And we blame it on the guy yelling bro don't tase me
I'm a high school teacher that's the truth of it
And if I teach the truth I'll lose my job and shit
Okay I quit cause I won't lie to kids and get paid for it
I won't be a part of the mis-education of the American youth
And that's the goddamn truth!

I won't be another fake like Beyoncé
A phony diamond on the hands of Jay
Pink Floyd they proved to be prophetic
From the other side of the moon keep it copacetic
With another brick in the wall ya gotta stand tall
Even in the face of the Taj Mahal
They don't want kids with a right-brain intelligence
They want a George Orwellian malevolence

Fly free fly free fly free

It started in Sumeria and spread to Babylon
Then to Egypt and the obelisk you're suckin' on
My grandpa was a 33rd degree Freemason & I've been tracin'
My family history and they've been caught debasin’
the human race and I relinquish my place in
I want no part of this family tree
I'm a Byrd yes, but I'mma fly free fly free

The statue of Liberty her name is Semiramis
A Babylonian goddess of everything heinous
Hey Ben Franklin whatcha doin' with the bodies in your basement?
He's in the Hellfire Club in the catacombs under Dashwood's Pub
The George and Vulture Inn
It's the left hand path that they're tunneling in

The founding fathers are as benevolent as leather dog collars
The aristocracy never meant for us to be free
This misnomer democracy is a lie in the hands of Freemasonry

Fly free Fly free Fly free